Medium Starburst Pendant Amethyst

Medium Starburst Pendant Amethyst

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Starburst pendants are originally hand carved using fibonacci triangles with intentions for wellbeing and connecting with spirit, the source of life, and star energy. They are set with a high-frequency AAA grade 4mm gemstone or crystal.

The Starburst represents that moment when a star dies and explodes into a nebula to form millions of new potential stars. The cycles of life continue. This galactic earring set is a beautiful addition to your collection and comes in all colors of healing gemstones. They match the Starburst dangle earrings and Starburst ring perfectly.

Amethyst is the worlds high frequency spirit stone. Its recognized all over the world for its ability to help keep spirit guides close and for helping to understand your guidance. It helps to keep you close to creator, source, or God. Its a very supportive and nurturing stone to work with.  Some say its like walking hand and hand with God. 

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