Heavy Cross / crucifix
Heavy Cross / crucifix

Heavy Cross / crucifix

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The Heavy Cross is Jimis hand carved version  of the spiritual symbol. For more than 1600 years it has been the Christian symbol representing Jesus crucifixion. The cross has a history of spiritual symbolism.  Before Jesus lived the cross was used in languages and as a sacred symbol. Its said to be a simpler version of the complex Tree of Life symbol. This ancient form existed thousands of years ago and is a Body,  Mind, and Spirit unification symbol as well as representing spiritual enlightenment.

This cross has a strong presence with its nicely weighted 12 grams of fine sterling with a brilliant hand polished. The cross shown has an awesome 4mm round  Labidorite, spiritual guidance and protection stone, but can be orderd with any 4mm gemstone. If you would like a different stone than what is shown contact us direcrly for your orders availability.  

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