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We make custom jewelry with the highest integrity and quality. Experience our unique and easy custom design process. We can create any type of jewelry and guarantee our work. You will love your Jimeye Design!

Jimeye Designs is complete jewelry design.

Custom designs are true one-of-a-kind pieces of jewelry based on each individual client’s personal appreciation of form and style. Jimi harnesses his intuitive and visionary abilities to create the perfect representation of what you need for yourself or loved ones. He helps you to discover what jewelry designs you or your loved ones are most attracted to if you are not certain of were to begin in the design process. If you have a design in mind then we will make sure to capture that style and ad our top quality touch to it assuring the best over all value and uniqueness. We also go the extra step to make sure that your jewelry design is ergonomically and functionally effective for the end use. This is to assure that the piece will be created to last for ages. Good design is not just in aesthetics but is also based in its effectiveness to accomplish its goal. You may think of jewelry as something pretty just to look at but in the design process we need to ask ourselves, “How will it be worn?”, “Where will it be worn?”, and “How often will It be worn?” The custom process starts with a scheduled consultation with Jimi to discuss your needs for the astonishing piece of jewelry to be made. We do top view drawings based on what styles you like most. You will go through a short process of elimination to get to your final design. After the final design pick and price is agreed on, Jimi will get to work bringing your unique custom design piece of jewelry to light. This process typically takes one month from the initial meeting to receiving your finish one-of-a-kind Jimeye Design. Please contact us for any questions concerning your custom made jewelry. We look forward to working with you!


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