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Custom Wedding set


14kt White gold custom wedding set using sacred fibonacci proportions. Engagement band and wedding band fit to match.


This custom set is an example of a complete custom engagement and wedding set designed specific for an awesome client in Chicago. All custom wedding sets are designed per client and can not be remade for others. We can make a similar style and setting just not the same exact. The price you are being offered is comparable to any wedding set of this size and manufacturing effort. If you want to begin the process contact us or pay the balance and we will contact you immediately to begin the design process.
This modern design is based on sacred proportions and the infinite spiral. The center setting is made with two over lapping layers carved into the ring for a powerful feel. The brilliant VS quality beautiful teal blue center gemstone is the oldest stone of the planet, the Zircon. The wedding band was created to enhance the over all look and not be overwhelming but elegant.


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